The starting point is also a brainstorm

At present, we are a small and beautiful combination.

We have many years of product experience, but the business has just begun;

We cherish every customer, every project will be taken seriously, we need to accumulate reputation and good projects;

Each of our designers is an expert, with 5 years of experience in the industry;

We hope that design can help more companies build better products and bring better experiences to users.

OPPO Wireless Noise Reduction Headphones

Good design meets good team, it must explode!

Gorilla Design and OPPO Joint Design of #OPPO Wireless Noise Reduction Earphone#
Meeting four new generation musicians after 00, Chen Weiting, who matches earphones, is so young and handsome!!
Listen to the strongest voice in your heart!

OPPO Enco Q1, you deserve an A-Design gold award

First time with OPPO, A-Design Gold Award.